Friday, July 31, 2015

Keaton and Rose's wedding weekend- Reception (part 3).

Here are some photos of Keaton and Rose's reception! Everything about it was just wonderful! I hope that it was all they dreamed it would be and more. It was at The Lafayette Club, and it was beautiful inside and out. What a neat place!

I thought the welcome signs were really cute!


Going in, they had a table of all the parents/grandparent's wedding pictures, which was a really neat thing. What a beautiful reminder of the Godly heritage of marriages they have been blessed with!


Table numbers and engagement/proposal shots.

Our table- #7! It was a lot of fun, we got to sit with my sisters and the Groen's! I got to sit next to Kley and my best friend, Stephanie, so it was a great night!

The room.

Mr. and Mrs. table!


Bridal party entrance!

Me and Stephanie!

We tried so hard to get a good picture of Stephanie and Norah- this was the best one out of the 8+ we took. :) Also, my in-laws were there, and were a big help watching Norah during the wedding! Thank you so much, Brad and Jana!

First dance!

Mother and son dance.

Some dance photos.

Siblings! (Norah was such a trooper with staying up late and handled being overwhelmed by the dance quite well!)

Happy wedding weekend, Keaton and Rose! We are so excited for you to begin your marriage and to see what God has in store for you together. We love you so much!

(You can see part 1 and part 2 of the wedding weekend!)


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