Thursday, July 23, 2015

Norah- Nine Months.

Norah is nine months and seems to grow up more everyday! We feel like she understands much more this month and is very interactive/responsive. Two nights ago she was playing the cutest game in the bath- she was biting on a toy, and I opened my mouth too, and she went back and forth with her taking a bite and then me, and she thought it was so funny. It was adorable! Then last night you could tell that all the sudden she had an idea and remembered, and wanted to do it again!

Norah had a few big accomplishments this month. She got both of her top lateral incisors (on both sides of her front teeth) overnight! I think she was working on them at the same time as her front teeth. Her bottom cleared up for a couple days, then all of the sudden came back and was super red again, and the same morning as that you could see both of the teeth! They came in on June 29. Norah also got her first haircut on July 2 by Gramie! It was hardly a haircut- just trimming the couple strands that were longer than the rest, but I count it as the first!

Norah also got quite good at crawling this month. She started doing some very short crawls and scoots on July 6, and by July 11 was officially crawling. She crawls with each leg differently- her right leg is bent 90 degrees in front of her, and her left is extended back. She still stays in the general relative area you left her, but she is definitely on the move! Norah also started waving on July 11. She can pull herself to stand up regularly, and her fine motor skills have noticeably improved also. Her “pincher grip” is developing nicely, and Norah can feed herself bites of food now.

Norah has not been enjoying going to the church nursery and will cry and cry, but has really been developing relationships with family members! She really loves both of her grandmas, and has thought Aunt Elizabeth was quite hilarious this month. Norah also gained another aunt this month, as we went to Minneapolis for Uncle Keaton’s wedding- what fun!

Norah has been blowing with her month a lot this month; we think it may help her teeth feel better, but aren’t really sure. She is still a thumb sucker, but usually only when she’s tired or to sooth herself. She thinks it’s super funny when we pretend to eat her toes. She also enjoys giving kisses and high fives. We are still working on sign language, but she doesn’t respond much yet. She signed “eat” once and “up” a couple times. Norah’s favorite things include any kind of stacking toys, being in water, going for stroller walks, and doing whatever mommy is doing!

Norah is on a pretty great schedule. It’s basically the same as last month, with the only difference being is that Norah transitioned (on her own) to taking two naps instead of three. She sleeps around 11 hours at night, about 10-9, and takes a nap right around lunch and in the late afternoon. Her first nap is always longer than the second. She is still nursing 4 times a day, and eating three times a day- yogurt for breakfast, vegetables/beans for lunch, and fruit for dinner. She is getting much better at eating solid food and enjoys bread, puffs, soft fruits, etc. She gags much less than she used to, but is still working on it.

We love you so much Norah! It’s so fun to be your parents. You are such a wonderful baby and we are so glad you are ours!


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