Monday, July 27, 2015

Keaton and Rose's wedding weekend- Rehearsal (part 1).

Last weekend my brother got married! It was such a special weekend, full of family, friends, fun, and celebrating Keaton and Rose! 

We headed up to Minneapolis, where Rose is from, on Friday. Friday night there was a dinner at Rose's house for all of the family that was in town. It was fun to see everyone again and spend time together before the actual wedding festivities began.

Aunt Karlie with Norah at Rose's house.

Both great grandma's and Norah! (She was clearly excited about the picture. Norah did so well over the weekend! Everything was new to her, we stayed in a hotel, her schedule was thrown off, and everywhere we went there were tons of people. She had a few moments of unhappiness, and didn't really want anyone else to hold her other than Kley, me, or both grandmas (much to their delight), but other than that did extremely well!)

The bride and groom!

Great Grandma playing legos with Norah.

Rehearsing. There was a wedding reception that night in the same place they were getting married in the next day, so the rehearsal was pretty short because they had to set up. It went well, though!

The De Jong's!

This might be my favorite shot from the whole weekend- all the siblings!

Our table at the rehearsal dinner.


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