Thursday, July 9, 2015

Baby Items- Favorite (smaller) toys edition.

Norah is 8 months right now, and here are some of her favorite (smaller) toys! (You can view my other baby item editions here.)

***I was surprised as I was finding links at the price differences between some websites. For most of these, I used my amazon affiliate link, but if you are interested in getting any of these, make sure to look around for the lowest price!

1. Mula Bead Roller Coaster

3. Infantino Go GaGa Textured Ball 10-piece Set- These are so fun!

4. Go GaGa Playtime Pal- Giraffe and Bright Starts Sensory Plush Pal Zebra I love toys that you can clip to the stroller or car seat, so they can't throw them out!

5. Oball Rainstick Rattle- She loves the "rain" noise and that it's easy to hold onto. 

6. Munchkin Twisty Figure-8 Teether Toy- It's moveable, so you can twist it into several different positions.

7. Sassy Fascination Station and Sassy Wonder Wheel- It's great to have suction toys for the high chair!


8. Stacking Ring Norah got this as a gift from Pottery Barn and she loves it (or any kind of stacking toy), but you can definitely find stacking toys elsewhere for cheaper if you want.

9. The First Years Stacking Cups and Mula Stack and Nest Cups- Norah loves both sets of these stacking cups, and it's so nice that they can all stack together for small storage!

10. Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Rattle & Shake Barbell (Link is for teething fun gift set that has this rattle included.) 

11. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Norah loves music and her eyes light up when she sees this!

12. Chewbeads Baby Gramercy Stroller Toy Norah got this as a gift and loves to chew on it on stroller/car seat rides. She loves to just hold onto it, or put her arm/leg through it.


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  2. if you are interested in getting any of these, make sure to look around for the lowest price!

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