Monday, August 3, 2015

Bar exam is over!

We were in Des Moines last week for Kley to take the Bar exam. Thankfully he thought it went pretty well, and we are all so excited it's over! 

The review class started right after Memorial Day, so he has been studying a lot since then, but the last few weeks were difficult for all of us, as he was studying ALL day. The last few weeks he really only stopped studying to eat and sleep. His dad helped him study a lot, and that was incredibly helpful. 

We went to the pool to celebrate it being over. Norah and I are so glad to have our husband/daddy back! 

(Now we have to wait until September 11 to get the results, but at least there is no more studying!)

We also celebrated with a trip to the Farmer's Market downtown!

Rose and Keaton are back from their honeymoon, and we are sure glad they are living in Des Moines, so we can visit them often when we go back!


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