Sunday, August 23, 2015

Norah- Ten Months.

Norah is 10 months! Sometimes it’s hard to notice how much she is changing because we see her everyday, but other people comment often that she is looking so grown up, and when we look back at pictures, we can definitely tell! Norah, you are growing up so, and it’s such a joy to be able to watch it unfold everyday.

Norah became even more active this month! She can crawl more quickly (at lightning speed, we sometimes say), and is into more things. She has always been inquisitive, curious, and attentive to details, but now her physical capabilities are catching up to that. Norah can pull herself up easily and quickly on almost anything, and she loves to stand up. She isn’t making attempts to walk yet, but wouldn’t be surprised if that comes soon! Norah learned that knobs are there for a purpose this month, and loves to open any drawers or pull things off shelves she can reach. She loves to use her pincher grip and touch/examine almost everything.

Norah’s language is also developing rapidly. She really tries to copy what people are saying. We have thought we heard dada, hot, look, and goodbye (she didn’t really say those words, but made good attempts to say them after she heard one of us say it). She sometimes signs up or more, but that’s about it with sign language.

Norah will eat pretty much anything, which is great! She is a good eater. She doesn’t really like carrots, and will often spit them out, and didn’t like mandarin oranges either. Other than that, she has eaten everything. She still eats mostly baby food for her meals, but is getting much better at eating solid foods. She shows lots of interest, and eats small bites of what we are eating at meals/snacks, in addition to her regular meals.

Norah still nurses four times a day (wake up, mid-afternoon, late afternoon, and before bed), and eats three meals (yogurt for breakfast, vegetables/protein for lunch, and fruit for dinner, with milk and cereal mixed with the food). She takes two naps a day, right after lunch and again late afternoon. Her first nap is usually about 2 hours, and the second about 1.5 hours. She sleeps from about 10-8:30 at night. We are thankful for a good, consistent sleeper!

Norah got her 7th tooth this month, bottom left lateral incisor, on August 9. We noticed her chewing on toys directly on that spot, but other than that it was a pretty easy tooth to come in. Norah’s favorite trick this month is “so big.” She loves it! She also gives high fives and kisses. She used to wave, but doesn’t really do that anymore. Norah’s favorite things are being held, taking a bath, following mommy around, crawling, and emptying every drawer/shelf/toy bin she can get ahold of.  She especially loves swinging! We love you so much. Norah!


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