Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend happenings- Great Grandparents visit and Omaha tournament.

Thursday night we had our housewarming party. We had a good turnout and it was really fun! (I wish I would have remembered to take pictures- I was too busy hosting/talking.)

Friday night we had my grandparents over for dinner. I am so glad we did. They truly loved it (as did we), and it's so nice to be close together when we never have before! Here is Great Grandpa and Great Grandma with Norah.

Saturday we took a day trip to Omaha to see my sister, Kayla, play in her volleyball tournament. Unfortunately, Kley wasn't able to come because he was studying. (As he always is now. We are both so ready to have the Bar exam over and done with. One more week!) Karlie, my sister who goes to Northwestern here in OC, her boyfriend Zack, my grandparents, and Norah and I all piled in the van together for the trip. 

Norah was very cooperative for this "super cute valentines day picture."

Grandma and Norah.

Kayla getting a sweet spike! (The blocker was just a wee bit off. Good effort.)

Aunt Kayla and Norah.

It was a long day with driving there and back, but worth it! Sunday we were at church activities most of the day. Hope you had a good weekend!


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