Sunday, February 8, 2015

House Tour- Master Bedroom/Bath.

Here is the tour of our bedroom! (Check out our other rooms here.) I really love this room! (I pretty much love everything about this house!) I love that we have a master bathroom; many of the houses we looked at in our price range did not. Thankfully, two of the bedrooms (Norah's nursery and our bedroom) were additions to the house and not part of the original, so we have an updated master bathroom!

I took many of the pictures hanging in our house- I love having sentimental things hanging- so the flowers are from different vacations/trips we went on.

We painted the walls a neutral, so I love the fun color pop on the shower curtain and towels.

I gave the palm tree painting to Kley after a family trip in college, and the verse is one that my dad always used to text us. I love seeing both special things each day as I get ready.

Here is the bedroom! Our wall color is called "booth bay gray," but it has a blue tint that I love.

Our bedding is "harper paisley" from Pottery Barn, but it's a few seasons old.

I also really love our nightstand lamps, also from Pottery Barn. You can also see how cluttered your nightstand gets when you add all the baby things!

Wedding pictures.

I also love our decorations- either pictures frames or special items we received as gifts from loved ones.

Our honeymoon collage.

I love having a walk-in closet a lot!

Here is what it looked like BEFORE/DURING:


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