Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New mom encouragement.

I wrote an email today to someone I know who is about to become a mother very soon. She said she was feeling discouraged at how many people were telling her how hard motherhood would be, so I wanted to send her a little encouragement.

Psalm 127:3- Children are a heritage from the Lord.

Being a parent is extremely difficult; that is true. But, it's also the most amazing, powerful, and rewarding thing you will ever do.

It's incredible that God entrusted Norah to us to raise and bring up in the knowledge of Him. What a moving picture of how much He loves us. I love Norah so much, but that's nothing compared to how much He loves me and how much He loves Norah.

Sometimes it's so overwhelming how demanding and needy babies are, but God gives you grace and rejuvenation at the right times you need it. The love I have for Norah is so deep already. I would do anything to protect her and keep her safe. I would do anything to make her smile and laugh. I would do anything to let her know how much she is loved.

I wouldn't trade motherhood for anything. Granted, there are times where I wish for a short break, or that she would sleep so I could have a moment of peace. But, when I am not with her, I think about how she is doing, and when she is sleeping, I wish for her to wake up and be in my arms again.

If you are about to be a new mom, or a mom again, you can do it! God will give you what you need to parent that child. Trusting in Him will make you the best mommy in the world. God chose to give you that precious baby. What an immense blessing!


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