Sunday, February 15, 2015

House Tour- Dining room.

Welcome to our dining room! 
(You can see the other rooms here, if you want!)

I was going to talk about specific things I loved about this room, but I basically love everything. I absolutely love the light fixture we picked out (from Menards). Our dining room table was my birthday present from my in-laws two birthdays ago, but we didn't have it until we moved in, so it's still brand new. 

I also really love our rug (from Target).

I was so blessed to be able to get my great grandmother's china, which we will put in this furniture piece (whenever we get it transported from my parents). The picture, though you can't see it well from the glare, is a Thomas Mangelsen picture of flowers that is one of my favorite things of the house. The blue lamp is from Pottery Barn, and the black frame with the tatting (an old form of sewing), was done by my great grandmother. The blue dutch plate is from Amsterdam and was a gift from my best friend who studied abroad, and the canvas picture is one of our engagement shots.

I also love that we have a coat closet! We didn't have a coat closet at all in our past apartment.

The big clock was a gift from my parents for our first anniversary, and the two plates on the wall by the window are from our honeymoon in Mexico. 

So, I basically love everything about this room! (Also, if you look under the clock you can see the hole in the wall, which is a funny aspect of our older home. That's where they used to store the phone book and phone, and they used to have a chair right by it and that's where you would talk. Ha!)

Here is what it looked like BEFORE:

Here is what it looked like DURING (the red carpet was for the movers so they wouldn't track in):


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