Thursday, February 5, 2015


I really enjoy crafts, in terms of using things like sequins and glitter with preschoolers. (I taught preschool for three years, and now am staying at home with our 3.5 month old, if you are a new reader.) In terms of home projects, my idea of DIY is buying a bookcase from Target and assembling it. That's a feat for me. I enjoy looking at everyone's DIY projects online, but have never really ventured to try my own.

But yesterday I was apparently overcome with inspiration, and I did TWO things! I went to the craft store and bought the items I would need, and did these two projects all by myself. (They are really quite easy compared to some, but I am proud of myself nonetheless.)

Project #1: Wreath for our front door. What do you think? I like it, but am still deciding if it needs a tiny something more. I saw some I liked on Etsy for about $40-50, and I made this one for $20.

Project #2: Hanging our "best/important" cards and announcements above the wall strip connecting our kitchen and dining room. I had been saving our cards for awhile, and wanted to do something to display them, so they didn't just sit in a box. I spent $11 on string and cute clothespins, and hung them up in chronological order- including my bridal shower announcements, wedding invitations/program, wedding thank you, each of our Christmas cards, baby announcement we went to friends/family, baby shower invites, and Norah's birth announcement. I hope to keep adding to it!

I love both things! Maybe I'll start doing more DIY projects!


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