Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend trip to DC part 2.

Sunday in DC was another fun day! (You can read part 1 of our trip here.) We went for brunch in the morning at Le Diplomate. It was delicious and unique!

Then, my favorite part of the whole trip...we got to go on the White House Spring Garden Tour! It was absolutely amazing and I felt so special. We got to go INSIDE the gates and we were so close to the White House! Way way cooler than last year where we just saw it from far away.

The White House!

Stephanie, Kley, and I! I was so pumped.

This is where the President's helicopter lands- right out front.

Everything was so beautiful and it was the perfect day outside.

Oval Office!

I virtually love every picture I took, so I'm posting them all. It was so cool!

Kley loved the putting green.

Sasha and Malia's playground.

Can't believe we got to see everything so close!

They had a band playing.

The flowers were gorgeous.

Michelle's vegetable garden.

After that we walked through some of the extremely fancy hotels that were close by- Hotel Washington.

Willard Intercontinental hotel.

Then we took the metro to the Eastern Market and walked around there.

Dawn Price baby- a very cute store!

I loved this onsie at the market that said "my giraffe" on it with a picture. My favorite animal!

This guy made giraffes out of wire and pop cans. They were really cool.

Fresh produce and flowers.

Walking back to Steph's apartment.

I love this picture of one of the last cherry blossom trees.

What a great trip! Hope to do it again soon!


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