Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Better Way To Say Sorry.

A Better Way To Say Sorry

I read this article the other day, and I loved it so much. We even talked about it at our teacher meeting, and I even talked about it with my kids.

It's about teaching kids to say sorry in a better way, which is so needed. How many times do we tell kids to "just go say sorry" to fix the situation? As if "saying sorry" makes it all better, when in reality they don't mean it or don't really understand what they're apologizing for anyways?

The writer presents a 4 step process for teaching kids to apologize, and I really like it.

1. I'm sorry for... (Name the specific act that you are apologizing for- it states that the wrongdoer understands what act they did, and the victim understands that they know what they did.)

2. That was wrong because... (A very important aspect to discuss- why was it wrong?)

3. Next time I will... (Teaches a better, alternative method to be used next time. Both parties involved understand a more peaceful solution.)

4. Will you forgive me?

I definitely want to use this method.


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