Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend trip to DC part 1.

Our very good friend, Stephanie, lives in Washington DC and we were able to visit her again this year! (You can read about our last year's visit here.) We were so excited to have enough credit card miles to get free flights out to visit her. It was an absolutely great weekend and we are so glad that we got to go. It was so nice to see some friends, to get away, and to explore a neat city!

We arrived on Friday night, and Stephanie picked us up and took us to Il Porto, an Italian restaurant in Old Town. It was great! I love driving through all the neighborhoods of DC, especially the ones with row houses and unique stores. So cute!

Stephanie, Kley, and I at Il Porto. 

Walking around after dinner.

On Saturday, my college freshman roommate, Jackie, and her husband, Joe, drove up from Virginia Beach to spend the afternoon/evening with us. She is also pregnant and due only one week before me! So crazy. It was great to see them! We met up with them at Union Station. And yes, I was the clear tourist who walked around with my camera all day and took a picture by the sign. No shame.

We spent most of the afternoon in Georgetown, walking around and enjoying the shops/sites!

The bus ride there was very full and quite hot, so we decided we needed to stop for ice cream once we arrived. Here are Kley and Stephanie, waiting forever for the locked bathroom while the workers kept telling us there was someone in there when there wasn't. The previous person just left the key in there. Oops.

But it was worth it and the ice cream was delicious.

Then we hit up the shops! There are some extremely high end stores there- some I hadn't even heard of!

I fell in love with Paper Source. So many cute cards, stationary, and scrapbook paper! I got this amazing vintage looking alphabet poster for our nursery for only $4. I'm pretty excited.

Then we went through Old Stone House, which is the only pre-revolutionary war house standing there. It was neat to see a piece of history like that.

People used to even think that George Washington lived there! (He didn't, but it was assumed for awhile.)

This was my first time in Kate Spade. I actually loved almost everything in the entire store, which is not good because it's quite expensive. But still fun to look!

I had never heard of Vintage Vines before, but I saw quite a few people there wearing it! It had the most bright colors in a men's section I've ever seen. It was really interesting! And they gave free desserts and water to us!

This is the restaurant where JFK proposed to Jackie.

Stephanie introduced us to Lou Lou, her favorite accessory store. It was awesome. I bought several birthday presents for people there.

Here we are before dinner! Joe, Jackie, me, and Kley.

Kley and I.

Joe and Jackie.

Jackie and I- roommates reunited!

We had a great dinner together at Farmers Fishers Bakers, who uses all local and fresh ingredients. Yum!


  1. I love driving through all the neighborhoods of DC, especially the ones with row houses and unique stores. So cute!
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