Saturday, April 12, 2014

First Trimester weeks 6-12.

The first trimester is over! That feels so weird to say. It's going really fast (yet sometimes feels slow), all at the same time. I am so thankful for a smooth first trimester. I've heard many horror stories about how incredibly nauseous people were and throwing up multiple times per day- I'm so blessed that didn't happen to me. (I feel bad even saying that because I know so many people's first few months are not fun at all.) 

I have been incredibly hungry, much more so than usual. The times where I feel nauseous are when I feel hungry, which is a weird combination to feel really hungry yet sick at the same time. So, I pretty much just need to keep snacks with me at all times and I'll be okay. (To all the restaurants out there that serve bread or chips, or anything, while you are waiting for your food, you are genius and a life saver.) I have had a few random cravings (B-Bops, chicken strips, smoothies, and popsicles are a few that I specifically remember), but nothing that's been really strange or ongoing. The only thing that's really turned me off is cooking beef (I'm okay eating it, but cooking it is really gross), and restaurant leftovers. Which brings me to smell- I've been really sensitive to smell. I always am, but now so even more. The restaurant leftovers smell so bad. All of Kley's bodily functions smell even more horrible (which is lovely), and there is one mom at school who's perfume is so strong and so awful to me that I can barely stand to be in the vicinity of her without gagging. I haven't been wearing any perfume at all, and sometimes even have to avoid strong lotions. I've read that excess saliva is a symptom, which is very minor but has been happening. I read out loud a lot during my days, so I have to swallow more often. I have been tired, but thankfully it's pretty manageable and not too overwhelming. I've also been feeling extra sensitive emotionally. Kley has been so great in volunteering to make or pick up dinner (which would be something like mac and cheese or frozen pizza, but on occasional nights that's been exactly perfect), and in dealing with my emotions. I've apologized for my lack of patience with him, as I feel like I have to keep it all in at school and be super patient, kind, and encouraging all day and then I don't have much left when I get home. So, he's been great and definitely a keeper! I'm really excited to watch him be a dad. I know he will be great. 

So far, everything is looking good at the doctor! Our first appointment was so short (15 minutes), and it was just the ultrasound, which was so exciting. I had friends tell me about all the uncomfortable things they would do to you at the first appointment, so I'm thankful that it was short and exciting. Nothing uncomfortable and everything was looking good! They were able to do the regular stomach ultrasound and find the baby, so I didn't even have to have anything vaginal. 

The second appointment was not as much fun- drawing blood, cervical check, pap smear, medical questions, etc. But, at the end we got to hear the heartbeat! That was really great, but I personally liked the ultrasound better. I knew I was hearing our baby's heartbeat, but it was harder to connect to because I couldn't see anything. But, thankfully everything is looking good! At the first appointment the heartbeat was 175 and the second was 170. I had also gained 2 pounds at the second appointment (which was 11.5 weeks). Here are the belly pictures! (Also, have you heard of The Belly Book? A friend gave it to me and I have been filling it out each week. It's been really fun! If you are pregnant, you should definitely get it.)

Week 6 
I didn't take any pictures before this because I felt like there was nothing there, so why take a picture?

Week 7

Week 8
This is the first week Kley said he could notice a slight change in my belly.

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11
I really felt like I could notice a difference this week. It started to show through my shirts a little. Before you could never tell when I was wearing clothes.

Week 12

Tomorrow I will be 13 weeks! Yesterday I had a student and a parent at school tell me that they were starting to notice, so I think I'm getting bigger! My awesome MIL also sent me a super fun box of maternity clothes this week, so I have started my collection! It was so fun to get a few maternity things for the first time.


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