Sunday, July 7, 2013

Beaver Creek Summer Vacation 2013 part 2

Today was another great day on vacation. It's such a blessing to get away, see family, and have some R&R time. This morning we slept in and hung around the room reading. This afternoon we went to Vail to their farmer's market. I am so glad we went- it was so cool! I felt like I could have taken continuous pictures. Everything I saw was so unique and special.

Here we are upon arrival!

The beautiful mountain background, complete with a gondola!

Some of the stands.

We got some delicious chips and guac.

Taking in the sights.

Kley eating all the chips. :)

Cherry limeade- yummy.

Some more stands.


I love this picture- not staged, yet gorgeous.

One of my favorite stands- tile photography. So neat!

Some of her pictures. The colorful flower ones were my favorite. She had them made into tile cutting boards, but also would look cute just sitting on a plate stand!

A caricatures stand.

Once we kept walking for a bit, it got even prettier! I love the flowers on the buildings contrasted with the perfect sky.

Veggie stand.

 Jazz concert on the lawn.

These next two pictures are probably my favorites of the day. :)

Flower shots.

I love how unique and different each building is. Look at those shutters!

The sky was so perfect today. No picture can do it justice.

On our way out we had delicious crepes. So good! I had chocolate and raspberries. I wanted to take a picture of it, but we ate them too fast. :)

When we got back we relaxed at the pool for a bit- mostly hit the jacuzzi and read my book. Awesome!

So blessed to be here.


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