Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beaver Creek Summer Vacation 2013 part 1

Today we flew out to CO for our wonderful vacation- we are so pumped to have a week off in this beautiful place! We are staying in Beaver Creek, CO for the week with Kley's family. It is absolutely beautiful here- definitely different looking than Iowa! We are so blessed and grateful that they invited us along. We arrived this afternoon and I already snapped a ton of pictures walking around the resort today. Take a look!

We are staying in a suite (awesome!), so there is a main area with three bedrooms. Here is our room.

View from the deck. How great!

Our bathroom.

Dining room.

More views from the deck.

Kley and I on the deck.

Kley, his sister Elizabeth, and I.

Brad and Jana, my in-laws.

Kitchen (pretty sure I could totally move in here).

Living room.

Brad and Jana's room. Are those windows not the coolest?

The cafe shop downstairs- candy!

Antler light fixture.

Out of the main windows.

Allegria Spa. Looks so relaxing!

The spa has a five step process you are supposed to complete before your scheduled appointment even starts! This pool is step one.

Step 2.

Step 3 was this whole room of shower heads, step 4 was a sauna, and this is step 5- heated lounge chairs!


Gondolas up the mountains.

Shops and an ice staking rink in the main area. There are lots of shops and different hotels all connected together.

They have lots of flower pots scattered around. Love it!

Ice rink.

Our rooms from the outside!

A crepe shop- will definitely have to stop there!

More shops.

We will also have to stop at this gelato shop!

We stopped and watched a cooking demonstration for awhile- the chef was funny and he made crab ravioli. Very cool to watch!

Chocolates in the gift shop.

Classic tourist souvenirs.

Dinner for the night- The Blue Moose pizza. 

It was delicious. :)

More walking around- a gondola station.

Sitting by the fire pit.

Every night you can make s'mores. Since it's offered every night, pretty sure we will visit every night. :)

Making s'mores!

Kley and I in front of the Park Hyatt sign.

Another hotel close by- the Poste Montane, where my in-laws stayed on their honeymoon 29 years ago!

Looking forward to a great week!


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