Monday, July 8, 2013

Beaver Creek Summer Vacation 2013 part 3

This morning we got to go horseback riding in the mountains! It was so incredible- definitely one of the most favorite things I've ever done. I wish everyone could experience it. I only remember riding a horse once in my life, and that was a long time ago, so it was almost like riding one for the first time. Riding a horse in itself was amazing, and the scenery was even better. It was absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the actual ride, because I was scared I would drop my camera, or even worse, that I would fall off my horse. Some of those hills we went up were steep!

Here are a few pictures I took from the bus window on the way up. I am so pumped that I have a nice enough camera that I can take a picture out of a window, on a bumpy road, and they will still look that good!

Here are some of the horses right when we got there.

This is the sight standing right in front of the stables. 

Again, the sky here is so perfect. The green trees, blue sky, and puffy clouds are a magnificent combination.

This one below is probably my favorite shot of the day. :)

Kley and his sweet helmet. Brad, Elizabeth, and I declined the optional but recommended helmet, but Kley thought he needed it. :)

My horse was Twitter, Kley's was Chocolate, Brad's was Tomahawk, and Elizabeth's was Gator. I was a little worried about Twitter when I first got on, because he was walking all around the stable before we left and he did not like it when I pulled on the reigns, but once we got on the trails he was mild and well behaved. I was right behind Elizabeth, and her horse tried to veer off the path a few times and stopped to eat a ton of grass. Ha. They told us to try to not let them eat grass, as they were well fed, but Gator kept on chomping anyways. 

The views we saw were so amazing; I don't think I can even describe it. We went through woods filled with beautiful Aspen trees, saw colorful wild flowers, and walked along the edge of the mountain. One of the favorite parts was getting to trot on the way back! It was so fun. I am so glad we got to go- definitely a huge highlight of the trip.

Unfortunately, the afternoon didn't go as well for all as hoped. Yesterday Brad was feeling really sick, we think from the altitude change, so he missed out on the farmer's market and dinner. This afternoon, Kley, Brad, and Elizabeth were going golfing, but then Kley wasn't feeling well, so he stayed back. We think he had an allergic reaction to the horse- his eyes were so bloodshot and puffy, his nose was running, and his neck and cheeks were puffy with hives. Thankfully he took some allergy medicine and felt mostly better after a few hours. Hopefully tomorrow everyone will be feeling better!

I, fortunately, have felt great and was able to spend the afternoon at the spa while they were golfing/Kley was napping. Jana was at the spa as well and doing some shopping/reading. I got a manicure and pedicure, and it was amazing!

We are having an absolutely wonderful time!


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