Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Wedding in Minneapolis!

On Friday one of my best friends from college got married! We headed up to Minneapolis to celebrate Kristin's big day. She married a guy named Phil- they met while both working in the Grand Teton National Park four years ago. I am so happy for them and so glad we could be a part of their journey/special day.

It was an outdoor wedding at an extremely beautiful place! Here are the bridesmaids walking down.

This was the arch we were sitting under.

The music- quiet, but simple and beautiful.

Kristin and her dad!

The flower girl was funny- they kept encouraging her to throw out the flowers, then threw out too many, and had to stop and pick some back up when she ran out.

Presentation of the couple!

The scenery.


Reception area.

Kari (another roommate), Kristin, and I! It was so fun to see them both in person again!


After the wedding we drove around some of our favorite places again. :)

Downtown Minneapolis.

Como Lake.

And, of course, Bethel!

Saturday morning, before heading back, we had breakfast with our good friends David and Jacquie- it was such fun, and always so good to have fellowship with great friends!


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