Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beaver Creek Summer Vacation 2013 part 4

Here's to another vacation post! We are having a great time. This post is a combo from last night and today. Last night, when Brad/Elizabeth were still golfing and Jana was shopping, we snuck away for a mini date over supper. We walked around for a bit deciding where to eat- one place we were way underdressed for, another looked more like a bar, another we went to for lunch, so we ended up back at Blue Moose Pizza (where we ate Saturday night). If you love it, why not go again? :)

Eating outside is a great idea.

We were living large, so I ordered an arnold palmer. (It takes a lot for me to order something other than water at a restaurant. Drink prices are crazy! Also, this picture makes me look like a nerd.)

We were living so large that we even ordered cheesy bread. Once in a blue moon you have to go big! (Get it? "Blue moon" while eating at Blue Moose? Ha.)

Our yummy pizza.

After pizza we had to stop for gelato. :) Luckily we made it in right before it closed. Gelato shops are pretty neat.

Our choices. Kley got double dark chocolate. He loved it, but I thought it was just okay. It was so dark that it was pretty bitter. I got half oreo and half chocolate chip. It was delicious. 

A great mini date!

Today I didn't get many pictures. Kley, Elizabeth, and Brad went golfing, so Jana and I hung out. We visited the North Face store, talked to some locals (one of Jana's favorite vacation things!), had a great salad for lunch, and sat by the pool. I watched the Bachelorette at the pool, which was pretty awesome. It was a wonderful, relaxing afternoon.

When they got back from golfing, we had a great dinner! We went to Grouse Mountain Grill, which we heard was one of the best in the area, and we agreed. 

We sat outside, and the scenery was beautiful.

A whole group shot- yay! I am so blessed to have married into such a wonderful family.

Kley and Jana ordered appetizers- honestly, they sounded weird on the menu, but were so good! Kley's was something with lobster.

This was Jana's- look how beautiful it is! It was something with salmon, oranges, these cracker things, and edible flowers! Crazy!

This was my steak and asparagus. 

This was Kley's rabbit!

This was our chocolate mousse dessert. Everything was so good! 

Another great day here in Colorado- don't want it to ever end!


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