Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Family Christmas date.

One of my favorite nights of the year is our family Christmas date! I love looking at the lights together. I really hope it's a tradition our girls think of fondly when they are older. It's so special to me! Sometimes it still strange to me that I'm actually a parent- like in my mind I think I should still just be babysitting in high school. It's such an honor and blessing to parent these girls and to establish traditions together. 

We visited the ice cream capital of the world and had some delicious treats! 

This picture looks super dark once uploaded, but I sure love my girls!

This is our favorite spot to go look at lights. It's one property with tons of walking paths through it. There are so many and it's very intricate. What a labor of love for them to set this all up, and it's free! It's a Christmas highlight for our family for sure! So fun to take pictures at the same spots each year.

Merry Christmas! Hope you are having a joyous holiday season. Thankful to celebrate Jesus coming!


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