Friday, December 17, 2021

Lucy and Ellory recently.

Lucy and Ellory are 4.5! Watching them grow is such a joy. We are trying to treasure the in between, where they seem so old and grown up sometimes, but still small at other times. They are in 4-year-old preschool this year and it's going so well. Their teachers are wonderful, and they are in the same building as last year with a lot of the same classmates, so it was an easy transition. They have a letter of the week and do lots of fun activities with that, and are learning many letters and sounds. They are also in preschool Sunday school and Kindermusik. This is their last year of Kindermusik, and they recently started the glockenspiel unit where they get to take it home and practice. They are learning the basics of the C scale and quarter notes, eighth notes, and rests. It's a great precursor to learning other instruments later! We go to the preschool story time at the library too, which is a fun weekly highlight.

Both are still wearing 5T clothes, and Lucy is wearing a size 10 shoe and Ellory a size 11. Lucy basically falls asleep as her head hits the pillow and is usually the first one up. She will occasionally take a little catnap here and there, especially if we are in the car, but most days doesn't nap. Ellory is usually the last up in the morning and it's extremely rare that she would nap. Ellory still sleeps in a pull up, but is doing SO good in the BM department. So proud! We are so grateful she is where she is with that- she goes very normally and you'd never know, looking now, the road to get here! Ellory also wears her glasses amazingly well. Both mostly sleep through the night- yay! Ellory will very occasionally wake up, but it's rare. Lucy occasionally wakes up, but has gotten much better. They both still suck their thumbs, more so at night and when tired.

Lucy can have a wild streak and taunt her sisters, but she's also pretty sensitive. She loves to cuddle when calm, but is a mover and a shaker when on the go. She loves to make crafts and asks almost daily for many crafting supplies. She loves puzzles! She sleeps with the same two animals every night. She is a great helper and enjoys doing things for herself independently. She loves to color, play dolls/family/restaurant, play-doh, Barbies, play outside, and play music. Lucy just had an ear infection but handled it like a champ!

Ellory loves to play, but also likes to have a few minutes alone sometimes too. She likes to read books and loves her pink blanket on her bed. She loves to pretend to be animals, most often a puppy, kitty, or nice wolf. She likes to play house/dolls with Lucy and Norah and is usually the baby. She loves to ride the easy rider outside, color, Paw Patrol, set up restaurant, and figurines. She has been asking a lot of questions about God lately!

Another recent highlight was getting a new cousin- sweet baby Gerrit Guthmiller was born on 10/25/21. Also, Lucy was Rapunzel and Ellory was Belle for Halloween, so cute! Both of their smiles light up the room! So thankful for both of you and that you are in our family! We pray often that Jesus will live in your hearts someday. We love you!


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