Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Norah recently.

Norah is in first grade! We are so thankful she is in a good school environment and is doing well. Going to school was an adjustment for awhile, as we expected, but she was and is brave and we are proud of her for doing hard things and trying her best! Even when she was scared to go and missed us, she did it and it got better and better. She has a very calm and friendly teacher this year and we think she's great for Norah. She is learning a lot and it's so fun to see her learn to read more and more. We recently had conferences, and overall she is doing well and we are so proud! Her teacher said she is a joy to have in class. Going to school all day has definitely been Norah's biggest life happening! She has been doing so well on her spelling tests, and proud of her for taking responsibility of doing her small reading homework after school.

Norah turned seven last month. She had a Lego Ninjago party and was excited about it. It was fun to celebrate with family, and Norah had the girls from her Sunday school class and school class over for a party, with her first pinata! She was also a Ninja for Halloween. Norah had her seven year wellness check and was 54 lbs. (67%) and 50.5” (88%). She is wearing size 1 shoes now, and still in M/8 clothes. She has lost four teeth, but hasn't lost another in awhile. So far this fall she's had croup and an ear infection, but thankful to be mostly healthy! She still wakes in the night occasionally, but mostly sleeps through- yay!

Norah started piano lessons in June. She has weekly lessons and has to practice a few times a week. She's doing well! It's fun to hear her memorize the C scale notes and learn more and more songs. She's playing in her Christmas book now and I love it! Practicing isn't always at the top of her list, and it was rough for a bit as she was also adjusting to school, but most days now go pretty well. I'm excited for her to have the benefits of knowing how to play the piano as she gets older. She is also in first grade Sunday school. Her and Kley are going to do a duet at the Christmas program!

A favorite treat for Norah is going to the indoor pool. She has been loving having a desk in her room and likes to copy books. She has filled many pages with book copies and words that she knows how to write! She likes to color/craft, play dolls and Barbies, play house/family, listen to music, and find nature treasures outside. Another joy recently was getting a new cousin- sweet baby Gerrit Guthmiller was born on 10/25/21. Norah, watching you grow is a joy and we love supporting you and encouraging you! So thankful you are in our family! We pray you continue to grow in your love for Jesus more and more. We love you! 


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