Thursday, December 23, 2021

Sledding and Kindermusik visitor day.

Lucy and Ellory had visitor day at their Kindermusik class! They have been going since they were one, and they will "graduate" at the end of this school year. Norah went too! It's such a great program- all three of our girls have really enjoyed it and have learned so much about music and interacting in a group setting. In the younger classes, parents stay in the class, but in the last two years just the kids go, so it was fun to see what they have been learning! Visitor day is like a showcase of all the favorites they have been learning (like playing songs on the glockenspiel, playing different songs that have different rhythms that they clap on rhythm sticks, playing different instruments for piano and forte in a song, etc.). My MIL, Kley's grandma, and my grandma were all able to come with also, so it was special!

They both did a great job! So fun to watch! This was a song that had a rhythm to practice in it. This rhythm was ta, ta, ta, shh, like quarter note, quarter note, quarter note, rest, and they are trying not to wake the bear and they each got to take turns pretending to be the bear sleeping and then waking up and scaring everyone at the end. Such a neat way to learn while including movement and making it so fun!

Showing us what they've learned on the glockenspiels.

Singing songs.

We also got a lot of snow one day and the girls were excited to go sledding! It will be warmer again next week so it's already melting, but I'm sure we will get plenty more this winter. Norah and Lucy loved it. Ellory wasn't so sure. She went down one time with Kley and that was it. She was happy to be there and play in the snow and watch, she's just not a thrill seeker. She is perfectly content sitting and eating snow, ha!

We went to the "big" hill- it's hard to tell in the picture, but it's pretty steep and fast! We will probably come back to this one a time or two more, but will visit a smaller hill too so Ellory will like it more and so it's not so hard to walk up the steep hill after. It was a fun afternoon! Kley is such a fun dad at activities like this- he flies down the hill all wild and goofy and the girls eat it up. 

Activities that only fall into one season (like sledding) make me so happy because it's such a fun tradition that we can only do during a brief period of the year! Happy winter!


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