Monday, January 3, 2022

Church Christmas program 2021.

All three of the girls were in our church Christmas program and it was so cute! So thankful for our church doing a great job of investing in children and teaching them about Jesus. They all did a great job, proud of them for getting up there and doing it. My parents also drove up for the day and surprised the girls to come to it, which was special! Kley's parents and grandma were also there too!

Norah sang a solo! We are so so proud of her! She did amazing and has such a precious voice! I was talking to her about it after about how proud I was and explaining that singing a solo is something that would make many adults nervous and she did it as a 7-year-old. She just said, "Well, Daddy does it all the time!" like it was no big deal. (Kley sings/plays often on the worship team.) So, thanks to Kley for making it not seem scary. Kley was up there playing guitar for that song also, which helped too. Way to go, Norah!

Lucy and Ellory did a great job singing too!

Way to go girls! Proud of you and thankful you are singing about the true reason for the season!


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