Monday, June 14, 2021

Norah recently.

Norah is 6.5! How did that happen? Norah finished homeschool Kindergarten mid-May, and overall it was a good year! We are happy we did it and don't regret it at all. We did decide to send her back to school next year for first grade, and are excited for her learning and friends there. There are great things about both schooling options. We are thankful for the extra time we got with her this year and to watch her learning first hand. Norah is reading beginning reader books (short books with 1-2 sentences per page), and it's so fun to see! She's continuing to practice sight words and sounding out words when reading. Though our curriculum is done, we are continuing to read and do a few workbook pages in the summer. It's going well, and Norah is thankful it's shorter than regular school! :) We also had Tulip Festival again (we missed it last year because of COVID), and it was such a great time!

Norah lost both of her front teeth! She lost her top right tooth on 5/4/21 and her top left tooth on 5/28/21. She pulled her top right one on her own and I pulled the top left one. Norah doesn't like losing teeth, but we got it done and she was brave and relieved after! Norah is still wearing size 13 shoes and M/8 clothes. Norah had a rough phase sleeping for a bit and took awhile to fall asleep and woke in the night often, but recently has been doing much better again thankfully! She still sometimes wakes in the night to go to the bathroom, but is quick and she goes back to sleep easily. Norah also did spring soccer this year and she did great! She enjoyed it and was on the yellow team. She did really well in the beginning, but got a bit tired at the end of each game and her aggression died down, but overall she did well and we are proud of her for trying something new. She even scored two goals and had a run at being goalie once!

We are looking forward to a fun summer! Norah is going to do T-ball and she's going to start piano lessons. We are also going to to a family Kindermusik class and story time at the library. Plus many fun days at the pool and parks! She is almost done with tumbling and has her end of the year recital soon. She finished kindergarten Sunday school in the beginning of May too and had a great year there with a super teacher who taught Norah a lot.

Norah loves to play outside. She likes to ride her bike, play camping or restaurant, and pick weeds and make bouquets. She loves to play family and dolls, color, paint, play-doh, golf with Daddy, watch Ninjago, play with her Barbie dream house, and listen to her music playlist on Kley's desktop computer. Norah, we love you so much and being your parents is the biggest blessing!


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