Thursday, June 10, 2021

Memorial Day weekend in Omaha.

We had such a fun weekend with the De Jongs in Omaha celebrating my brother-in-law Brett's graduation from medical school. What an amazing accomplishment! Way to go, Brett! We are so proud of you and love you very much. We also celebrated Norah's kindergarten graduation too, but Brett's accomplishment is what really shines! We also aren't going to get a bigger De Jong vacation in this year (for a few various reasons), so it was fun to get together for a weekend and all be together as a family. Being young is so grand because the girls were still incredibly thrilled and thought Omaha was amazing!

The girls loved swimming in the hotel pool! We don't stay at hotels often, so they really lived it up. They called our room their apartment and kept saying they wanted to live there. They used the room phone to make fake important business calls. They kept saying the hotel was beautiful and they thought eating breakfast there was the best meal they've ever had. One morning at breakfast, Ellory randomly shouted out, "What a lovely day on vacation!" 6 and 4 are such fun ages!

Super fun to swim with cousin Will too!

Norah is looking so grown up and different with two big holes in her mouth! :)

We spent a morning at the Omaha Children's Museum and we were all very impressed! What an amazing place! So many fun things. It was incredible. My only complaint, which isn't even really a complaint, is that it was hard to keep an eye on all three girls at the same time so I'm really glad we had extra adults along to help. It was such a fun morning! The girls were busy and active the entire time and really enjoyed it. I would definitely go back!

Fun on the carousel.

Ring toss.

Norah liked these basketball hoops and soccer goals.

She also loved the baby nursery. So many of their play areas were so cool! So realistic. This room looked just like a baby nursery in a hospital, but small for kids to play with.

The grocery store was huge and so great! They had the most realistic looking play food I've ever seen.

(The most realistic play food ever was not photographed. Obviously this cake is not the most realistic looking. :)

We went for a carriage ride in Old Market and it was so cool! Very fun to do something unique!

We all loved it!

There was a man playing saxophone and singing and he was great! This was him playing, "I'm a Little Teapot" and he let the girls sing along in his microphone.

We went to the Omaha Zoo too- always a hit! The giraffes there are my favorite- I've seen my coolest giraffe encounters at the Omaha Zoo every time. Last time we were there we saw them running, and this time they were so close to us and reaching for leaves and grasses.

The aquarium is always fun too! We had a great time and I'm glad we went, but going over Memorial Day weekend was definitely busier than other times.

Feeding the penguins.

I don't know if we've ever made it into the butterfly part of the zoo before, but we did this time and it was great!

My four favorite people!

It was neat to see a peacock up close and watch him spread his feathers!

Thankful for time together with family and special activities! And also grateful to remember all who gave the ultimate sacrifice in serving our country!


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