Monday, June 21, 2021

My solo trip to DC!

I flew to DC all by myself to visit my friend Stephanie! I've never taken a solo trip before, so it felt so strange and I said I felt naked being alone (like without my girls around me since I'm so used to that!), but it was super fun and I'm glad I went. Thanks to credit card points for a free flight and most importantly to Kley for holding down the fort at home. :) She's actually moving back to Des Moines at the end of the summer, which is amazing for us, but that only left a couple months to get a trip to DC in again and this was her free weekend, so we made it happen and I'm thankful we did! Stephanie has been my friend for my whole life and I'm grateful to keep the friendship going in adulthood.

While the girls were at home, they had a great time with Kley at the summer celebration. They were excited to meet Elsa!

We went for a night time bike ride to see the monuments- so neat! Here's the capital.

White House.

Washington Monument.

World War II Memorial.

Love our time together!

Abraham Lincoln Memorial.

What a beautiful sunset!

We went to several fun restaurants and ice cream places, hung out by the pool, and went to a few stores. 

Such unique row houses.

We went kayaking one afternoon and it was so fun to see the city that way! I guess my white winter skin couldn't handle the sun even though it wasn't that long, so I got super burnt, but still glad we went!

Some delicious toast and smoothies.

Yay for time away and great friends!


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