Monday, June 7, 2021

Fun beginning of summer activities.

All the girls are done with school and it's already been a fun start to summer! Back in February, the girls each won a free pass to the Launch Pad children's museum through our library's winter reading program. We didn't make it there in the winter, but we had talked about saving them to go as an end of school celebration, and we made it happen! We had only been the once before about two years ago, so it was fun to go again! The girls had a great time. We had chick-fil-a for lunch and called it a girls day!

The grocery store was a favorite spot!

Cooking in the restaurant.

Lucy and Ellory played at the water table for awhile. Ellory loved those fishing poles.

Lucy was seasoning a steak for Daddy. :)

Norah is looking so grown up.

On a different day, we went to the open gym at a local gymnastics center. It was our first time there, so it was fun to visit a new place! I forgot to take any pictures there though, but we went with our good friends and then had a picnic lunch at a park after.

Looking forward to many fun summer activities! The girls are excited to wear shorts on a regular basis!


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