Thursday, June 17, 2021

Lucy and Ellory recently.

Lucy and Ellory are at such a fun stage- 4 is great! They are so fun to be around. Sometimes they all fight together of course, but they usually can play pretty well together and with Norah. Both finished preschool, Sunday School, and Kindermusik and had a wonderful year at all their activities. They enjoyed going and learned a lot. They frequently asked when it was a preschool day! They are excited to go back in the fall. It was great to watch them be happy to go and enjoy their time there. They can write their name and know all their shapes, colors, and are learning lots of numbers and letters too. It was neat to watch them grow in group settings (sharing, taking turns, friendships, etc.). We also had Tulip Festival again (we missed it last year because of COVID), and it was such a great time!

We are looking forward to a fun summer! Both, but Lucy especially, are so excited to play Blastball. We are going to do a family Kindermusik class and story time at the library, as well as many days at the park and pool!

A nap these days is very rare. Most days we do a quiet time in their room in the afternoon. They both go to sleep really well at night. Lucy has been sleeping in underwear for a long time now. She falls asleep super fast and is usually the first one up. She occasionally wakes in the night, but sleeps through the night a decent amount too. Yay! Ellory sometimes takes a little longer to fall asleep, but she's quiet and it's not a problem. She almost always sleeps through the night and likes to lay in her bed for awhile after waking up to get up slowly. Ellory still sleeps in a pullup, but has been dry for almost a month now and is almost ready for sleeping in underwear. Ellory saw a therapist for a couple months to help overcome the mental side of her poop issues (the constipation was much better but she was still afraid/uncomfortable to poop), and it helped a lot and for two months now she has been doing so great! She has been pooping almost everyday without issue! Praise God! This was a big issue for her for two years, so to be in this good place is so exciting. They are both wearing 5T clothes, and Lucy is wearing size 9 shoe and Ellory size 10 shoe. At their 4 year wellness check, Lucy was 34 lbs. (40%) and 43” (96%). Ellory was 38 lbs. (72%), and 43” (96%). Pretty consistent percentages their whole lives. They have always been almost exactly the same height!

Lucy is energetic and loves to be on the move. She loves to ride her bike and learned this spring to ride without training wheels. Go Lucy! She is fast and picked it up quickly. She will sit and listen to a few books but it's not her favorite love. She loves play-doh, coloring, crafts, painting, playing dolls/family/restaurant, and is a great helper. She sucks her thumb sometimes and strokes her eyebrow while she does it. She is cuddly and funny. She loves to sing and sings with a funny amount of vibrato. She loves to be independent and do things herself. She has a great laugh!

Ellory is more introverted and doesn't mind playing by herself sometimes. She likes to take periodic breaks in the day to rest and recharge in her bed for a few minutes. It's fun to see the girls each develop into their own person and learn to give themselves what they need to be their best. She sucks her thumb sometimes and loves to stroke the corner of her blanket. She loves to read books, both being read to and looking at them by herself. She likes the sand table outside, chalk, and swinging. She likes to play dolls/family/restaurant with Norah and Lucy but is more of the follower along with what they are doing. She has the best smile and loves to give and receive compliments. She doesn't dance often but I love it when she does.

Having twins has been the best surprise of our lives. Twice the joy and love! You are both loved so much!


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