Monday, June 29, 2020

Strawberry picking 2020.

We went strawberry picking and it was amazing! It's one of our favorite summer traditions. Many fun traditions have been cancelled this year due to COVID, so it made this outing feel extra sweet that we got to do it! It really is the little things. They didn't even have the animals, tractor ride, or fun picture signs like usual, but we didn't even mind because it just felt so good to go do an activity! We had super great weather too, which was awesome. We went with a friend and her foster daughter from our church, and it was fun to share it together!

First strawberry tastings! Ellory kept saying, "These strawberries are sweet!" every time she ate one and Lucy had juice just dripping all down her chin. :)

I think the girls did more eating than picking. They had a lot of fun!

How perfect were their strawberry dresses for this outing? 

Usually you pay by weight, but this year they did it differently (to limit exposure), where you prepaid for your box as you drove in, so then it was a fun challenge to try to fit as many strawberries as we could in it since we already prepaid for it! We got a lot! We shared some with several friends and still have a lot left! We ended the time with playing in their giant sand box and eating strawberry donuts and shakes. A very fun summer morning!

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