Tuesday, June 16, 2020

T-ball and Blastball 2020.

Summer rec activities are happening in our town and we are excited! It feels so nice to have something on the calendar and the girls are enjoying having an activity after not having really anything on the calendar for months because of COVID-19. It's only been a couple weeks (Norah has t-ball twice a week and Lucy and Ellory have blastball once a week), but it's fun to see them grow already and have fun. Lucy was super into it and participated with gusto. Ellory was slower to warm up and liked to draw in the dirt. Norah was nervous and scared her first night, but did so great the second! She participated well and enjoyed herself. Kley is a coach for both teams and is doing great!

Lucy waiting in line to catch a ball and Ellory drawing in the dirt. ;)

They were supposed to yell out, "Blastball!" when they caught one and it was so cute.

Norah practicing her hits!

Fielding games and catching practice.


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