Monday, June 22, 2020

First Des Moines trip in months!

We went to Des Moines again recently and it was amazing! We hadn't been there in almost five months, so it was special to go back again. The girls were so excited! My parents and my brother/his family live in Des Moines, my sister/BIL from Minneapolis were there for a couple days too, and my youngest sister is home for the summer from college, so I got to see everyone! My sister, Karlie, is pregnant and this was our first time seeing her pregnant, so that was fun. Can't wait for another niece or nephew!

We had some beautiful days and nice weather to be outside! So glad parks are open again after being closed because of COVID-19 for awhile. 

The girls love spending time with Grandma and Grandpa!

I can't get enough of their smiles on the swings!

This was also a special trip because we got to see Jorie and Murphy (my niece and nephew) a lot! We had only seen Murphy (who is almost six months), once before back in January. We had really missed them and it was so much fun to play together again. Jorie just turned two, so it was neat this trip because it felt like she was more on an equal playing field with my girls age wise since she's getting bigger, so they got to play together and interact more. Norah and Jorie were holding hands and laughing so much, it was the sweetest!

Lucy loved blowing bubbles and would take the biggest breaths beforehand. 

The hand holding! :)

Love seeing the four of them together!

Jorie has the best smile! So very thankful to be able to see family again.


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