Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Fun with college friends, swim lessons, and my niece's newborn photos.

Last weekend some of our college friends came to visit us and we had a lot of fun! It was my freshman roommate Jackie, her husband Joe, and their two kids Daniel and Noelle (and #3 on the way!). It was great to catch up and see each other again, and fun to watch our kids play together. A few people asked us what we did, and Kley and I laughed because we basically did everything you can do in our small town- park, play outside, bakery, Pizza Ranch, coffee shop, church, and pool. 

Here's some of our pool fun. It was hard to get many pictures, because my girls need constant attention at the pool. I had been trying to get Norah to try the water slide again (she liked it when she was younger, but had recently decided she was scared of it), and Kley got her to try it and she loved it and proceeded to do it about 15 times. Lucy and Ellory tried it as well, and Lucy liked it (well, she tolerated the slide okay but I think she more just wanted to do what the big kids were doing), and Ellory hated it and cried (as I suspected she would). 

Norah had swimming lessons last week and did SO well! It's so neat to see how far she's come each year. (Check out her first swimming lessons and second swimming lessons.) Last year she was pretty timid, but by the end this year she was confidently dunking her own head in willingly! She was very proud of herself and so were we. She even was beginning to put her arms and legs together at the same time for her first stroke. She was pleased to pick out ice cream cone treats for everyone at the grocery store for her success! I didn't actually get any pictures of her lessons because either Kley or I took her each time and you have to be in the water with her. (She did the parent/child introductory class. Next year she will be old enough and definitely ready for the level one class I think!)

Fun swimming with our friends!

What amazing group photos we got- all 5 kids looking and no one crying!

Thanks for coming to visit us, Joe and Jackie! We are thankful for your friendship!

And, I just have to share a couple of our niece's newborn photos because Jorie is too cute. 


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