Thursday, July 5, 2018

Okoboji vacation with the De Jongs- part 2.

Here's some more of our Okoboji fun! Have you ever been to Spudnutz? If not, you should. Best donuts I've ever had. And yes, it's plural because they were so good I ate two. You're allowed to do that on vacation, right? :)

I'm a full supporter of renting condos/houses for family vacations. So much better than a hotel room. You can have your own kitchen, washer/dryer, and living area where everyone can be together! We had fun just hanging out together and playing games when we weren't out doing things. 

Group girl photo went real well. Sometimes I can't delete them because they make me laugh. This is how the majority of pictures turn out. Tis the season of young kids!

The place we stayed had a little arcade that we checked out one morning and played a little skee-ball. Who loved those games where you could win a stuffed animal with the crane? I did. It's a ripoff, but we had to spend $1 to try to win Norah a rainbow ball. We told her beforehand that she might not win, but thankfully she was distracted by looking at the other games and didn't dwell on her unfortunate loss too long. 

A highlight of the trip was going for a boat ride! None of our girls had ever been before, so it was fun to do something new. Norah was so excited and talked about it a ton beforehand! She loved it, for the most part, except the last ten minutes where she said she was tired. She also kept asking to go faster though, so overall she had a good time. She's a thrill seeker! 

Love getting family photos!

Me and my girl. When I looked at this picture, I thought that she is probably the person I talk the most to, as we spend all day every day together! Love my little best friend! (Of course I talk to Lucy and Ellory too, but it's different because they can't talk back.)

Kley was our main boat driver!

I love how Lucy waved for this picture. Her and Ellory were so-so about the boat ride- didn't hate it but didn't love it either. They didn't love wearing their life jackets because they kept riding up on their neck.

Can't you just see the joy radiating from their faces? (Poor Ellory had a fever for a few days of the trip unfortunately, but she handled it like a champ! Lucy ended up getting it the last day too unfortunately.)

We love Uncle Brett and Aunt Elizabeth!

Lucy is a total daddy's girl. It's so cute. She about explodes of happiness when he comes home.

We love our Papa and Amma too!

Norah looks so old in this picture.

It was a fun night out on the water!


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