Monday, July 2, 2018

Okoboji vacation with the De Jongs- part 1.

We had a wonderful vacation in Okoboji with the De Jongs! (This would be Kley's parents, Brad and Jana, and his one sister, Elizabeth, and her husband, Brett.) It was nice to get away and have some quality family time together. Okoboji is only about an hour and fifteen minutes from where we live too, so it was nice to not have to travel far. The girls had a great time, and Norah said multiple times throughout the week that she was so happy to be there. So sweet!

We went to Arnold's Park and played some mini-golf. I thought Norah would only make it through a few holes, but she did great and made it all the way through! Granted, she skipped a few holes and didn't follow all the rules, but did she great for a three-year-old. It was fun! I think it's funny how much Norah loves dark blue- she got a dark blue ball and loved it. She also points out every dark blue car she sees and says she likes it.

Norah needed a little help on the hole with the big hill. On the first hole, it was really funny because Norah walked right up and hit her ball really hard and it hit the rock edge and sailed out, into the water. The look on her face was such shock and a little fear like she would be in trouble, it was cute. Then she kept saying she wouldn't hit it that hard again.

The course was pirate themed, so she got this flag and eye patch for completing the course!

They had this little playground at the place we stayed and the girls loved it! We went there almost everyday. Funny how there's so many grand, special things on vacation, but they just want a little playground and they are set. The joys of being so young!

Lucy LOVES to swing, but she doesn't really smile at all while doing it. She makes this face the whole time, but she never wants to get off!

Our Norah girl is growing up so fast!

Ellory is the only one of the three that will actually keep her sunglasses on and it's the cutest thing ever. This is my new favorite picture of her. She smiles a lot at home, but is more serious when we go out, taking in her surroundings.

Trying out the big swings!

We tried the pool one day, but it was pretty chilly, so we didn't last long, but it was fun for a little bit!

They are so cute in their floaties!

Ellory was unsure at first, but she warmed up to it.

Thankful that Brett and Elizabeth are a great aunt/uncle and love to play and help!

A highlight was the indoor water park. It was really nice that it was indoors, because we had some rain and the temperature wasn't too warm, so it was perfect to go inside and the water was so warm. The girls loved it, Norah especially! And I love getting family pictures; you can never have enough in my book!

So fun to do new things with Lucy and Ellory!

All three girls loved this slide!

Love this picture mid-slide!

Love Norah's face!

Lucy went down too! Lucy is a bit more adventurous than Ellory, so Ellory just watched.

We had so much fun! So grateful for loving family and being able to do fun things with our girls this week!


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