Monday, April 11, 2016

Video links.

Dad talking about his son with Autism- A really neat video about a dad fighting for his son. He had many challenges with Autism and was told to be institutionalized, but his dad wouldn't do that. He homeschooled him and worked with him relentlessly.

Lip sync battles of Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy- This was pretty funny, especially the last song. (Warning- Melissa's first song has language.)

Adoption video- I'm pretty confident I have posted a link to this video before, but I have to again. It's just too cool. This is an amazing story of a couple who adopted a baby and the way they connect earthly adoption to God adopting us into His family is beautiful.

Friends bloopers- Not the best quality video, but still hilarious.

Baby sings, "I love you" to mom- So adorable.


  1. i am baffled by your bravery and how truly amazing your family is. after all families are all about having each other's back no matter what and that is exactly what you are teaching here. please keep updating. it motivates me to go through my mundane life

  2. Thanks for sharing links to such nice videos. I usually prefer youtube but few topic related videos are not available there.


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