Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Repost- Beginning formal Gospel instruction with toddlers.

Beginning formal Gospel instruction with toddlers.

I read this yesterday and it was so so good I had to share it. If you are a Christian parent of young children, this is a must read! I thought she had great ideas and really encouraged me to make more structured time with Norah in Gospel instruction. 

We currently read a Bible story each night before bed and pray before meals/bed, and try to talk about basic points throughout the day (like kindness, obedience, sharing, etc.), but I want to be more intentional and focused. This is just the thing to read for great tips on how to get started. It's so important!


  1. Loved this read, thanks so much for sharing! This is something that I've struggled with doing, other than the before bed bible story, and prayers here and there too.

    1. You're welcome! It was so encouraging to me and made me want to step up my game. We should talk about ideas sometime! Have you heard of the Risen Motherhood podcasts? The author of the post, Emily Jensen, does it along with her sister-in-law, Laura Wifler, who blogs at Oakland Avenue. I have enjoyed reading both their blogs and listening to the podcasts! So encouraging!


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