Wednesday, April 6, 2016

5k color run!

On Saturday, my sister and I ran in the END IT! for Autumn 5k Color Run to stop/prevent child abuse. (Autumn was a young girl here in NW Iowa who died a couple years ago due to abuse from her daycare provider. Horribly sad. Her family is starting Autumn's Center to be a support to those who have suffered in some way due to abuse and to prevent it from happening. Her family is doing a great job of turning something awful into the best situation they can.)

It was a cold/windy morning, but we did it and I'm glad we did! There was one road in the beginning that was running through straight country, so there was nothing blocking the wind, but once we got back into town it wasn't too bad. 

You can't see our color because we put coats on after, but we were colorful! The wind blew a lot off, but it got all over. I even had to clean my earbud cord because there was blue powder on it!

After the race they had inflatables for the kids, and Kley and Norah met us there after for some bounce house and slide fun! I thought Norah may be scared, but she loved it!

Loving the bounce house with Aunt Karlie!

Going down the slide!


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