Monday, January 25, 2016

Norah- Fifteen Months.

Norah is 15 months and time keeps flying! I looked through her her first year book today and watched some of her tiny infant videos. Can't believe we have a curious walker on our hands now! Norah started wearing 24 month clothes at the beginning of the month and is still wearing size 4 diapers. Norah currently has her third cold (I think it's her third), but she is handling is pretty well. Her poor nose! It's making her more fussy than usual and not happy going to bed, but hopefully she'll be on the mend soon! She also decided this month that she really doesn't like having her diaper changed.

Schedule/Eating: Norah eats 3 meals a day with an afternoon snack. We usually eat dinner later at night, since she goes to bed later. She has become a little more selective, but I would still say she is a good eater. Her current favorite food is cheese. We are practicing not spitting food out or throwing it on the floor when we are done. Sometimes if we give her a bite of something she wants more than what she has at the time, she will spit out whatever is currently in her mouth to make immediate room for the new! Norah loves her whole milk!

Norah sleeps great at night and we are so thankful for that! She sleeps from about 10 (sometimes 10:30) to 9. Most days she still takes two naps, but she is starting to be ready for one. There have been a couple days where she only took one, either because she didn't fall asleep the second time or took a really long first nap, but most days she still takes two naps.

Teeth: 13th tooth- Upper right canine on 1/20

Developments: Norah is developing so fast it's almost like you can actually see her brain growing! She can follow simple commands and it makes her seem so old. She can do things like go get something, bring something to daddy/mommy, etc. She has an amazing memory of where things belong. She is a pretty good listener. She definitely loves to take things she isn't technically supposed to have and run away laughing and things like that, but when we say no in a firm voice she usually listens. I think she shows a lot of empathy for her age, which I love. She loves to give hugs to other babies, share her snacks, and she even went up to a friend crying last week and gave them a hug. Though, a few times recently we have seen a short tantrum when she wants something the same time as someone else, but she is easily redirected. She is 100% walking everywhere and getting quite fast! She started turning around and scooting backwards with her bottom when she wants to sit on your lap, or just plunking herself down right in the middle of where she wants to be. She can sign eat, more, and bath. We have been practicing identifying body parts, and she is getting pretty good! She can fairly regularly identify her nose, hair, mouth, ears, eyes, belly button, and toes. She usually always identifies toes, belly button, mouth, and hair correctly.

Words: Here are the words she can say or has said before: dada, mama, baby, bath, eat, ball, Daisy, Ainsley, bye-bye, wow, hot, and hi. This month she started to say grandpa/grandma, which sounds like “bapa,” and belly button, which sounds like “bay bay.” She regularly says Daisy, Ainsley, ball, baby, bye-bye, dada.

Favorites: Norah loves to get into all the drawers/cupboards and see what treasures she can find. She enjoys flipping through books, holding her bitty baby, and playing with Ainsley. She loves to sing wheels on the bus and do the wheels motion. She likes to lift up people's shirts to look for their belly button. Norah loves to find puppies in books and spot balls anywhere we go. She likes to play peek-a-boo, pretend put on mommy's make-up, and try to sneak a M+M (she discovered where my baking/chocolate section is in the kitchen and I really need to move it to a higher shelf now!).

She loves her new kitchen she got for christmas! Her favorite thing is to stir her imaginary food in the pots and blow on it!


  1. Wow! What a growth spurt!! What fun! So cute what she all knows so far!


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