Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Christmas toys/books.

I know it's January and no one is thinking about Christmas anymore, but here are a few Christmas related toys/books Norah received that are super fun to celebrate with!

1. Hallmark Keepsake Kids Tree- My mom gave us this as a stocking stuffer present, and I think it's adorable! Norah didn't get to play with it this year (because she didn't open it until New Years and then we put our decorations away), but I can't wait to get it out next year. There are ornaments you can get to go with it, and you attach them to the big buttons. So cute!

2. Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set- I love this and wish that every kid in the world could have one. What a neat way for them to learn the Christmas story (the real meaning of Christmas!), in a touchable, hands on way. So many nativity sets are fragile or keepsake items, so this is perfect that it's just for the kids! (They also have a deluxe version.) Norah didn't really understand anything we were telling her about it this year, but she enjoyed playing with it, and it's best to start young!

3. Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar- My parents had this for us growing up, and we bought the same for Norah- a fun countdown to Christmas by hanging a different piece of the nativity scene each day!

4. The Story of Christmas Story Book Set & Advent Calendar- We also bought this for Norah because my parents had it for us growing up. It's fun to have because you open the flaps and there is an individual mini book for each day to read. Norah liked holding her own book! I like it, but it's not my favorite because the stories weren't phrased in the most kid-friendly way and sometimes used big words. 

Norah also got a lot of Christmas books as gifts. When I buy her a Christmas book, I try to find ones about baby Jesus. She got some as gifts that mention santa, and I am not against reading that, but I do want to make a conscious effort to teach Norah about the true meaning of Christmas and that santa is just for fun. (These are also all board books.)

The Story of Christmas- One of my favorites!

Baby's First Nativity- Another favorite!

12 Dogs of Christmas touch and feel- Norah loved this because it was touch and feel, and because she loves to look at dogs! 

These books are more about winter, not necessarily Christmas.


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