Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas 2015.

Unfortunately, our Christmas turned out a little different than planned this year, because all three of us got the flu. At the same time. It was terrible and super gross. Thankfully, the in-the-bathroom part only lasted about 12 hours, and then it just took a few days for all of us to feel back to normal again. We ended up missing the big Ver Steeg gathering (Kley's mom's side) and our planned trip to South Dakota for all my mom's side. It was a bummer!

Even though we missed all the extended family gatherings, it still turned out to be a great Christmas. It was nice to have a few relaxing days at home together, and it was nice that we got to see Kley's family a lot. Brett and Elizabeth, his sister/husband, were here and we got to get together as a family several times!

Since we thought we were leaving, we had Norah open her presents early. She really enjoys ripping the paper off this year!

Her two big gifts were Magna-Tiles (mom's choice),

and Legos (dad's choice). She is still a bit young for them, but will hopefully love them later this year! We also got her a book, ornament, and tea set to go with her new kitchen (that she still hasn't received yet because we are celebrating with my family this weekend over New Year's, and with Kley's family the following weekend).

Family Christmas shot! Kley and I actually got dressed after days! Norah still wasn't feeling 100%, so she stayed in her penguin pajamas. 

We love Brett and Elizabeth!

Norah loves to play with her aunt!

They gave Norah a present early, and she got a dump truck. 

Norah and grandpa!

Here are a few pictures I tried to take of Norah in her Christmas dress in Des Moines. Emphasis on the tried- oh well!

Family Christmas dinner. Love this tradition!

Thankful for all three of us feeling back to normal and celebrating with family.

I think this picture is funny. Never know what you're going to get!

Then I tried to distract her with a plastic candy cane from the tree, and she just tried to eat it. Of course.

Dad reading the Christmas story from Luke 2.

Norah has awesome grandparents! On both sides!


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebrating our Savior being born!


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