Saturday, November 8, 2014


Before Norah was born, I had a dream that maybe I could be the one that could actually be supermom. The one that looks put together, has the cutely dressed baby, is still on time to things, maintains a clean house, etc. I logically knew that "supermom" wasn't really possible, at least not all the time, but I thought it couldn't be TOO hard to strive for.

I don't like that word anymore. Supermom. It has an unrealistic meaning attached to it that makes moms feel like a failure and leads to comparison between each other. You are your own "supermom" just by being the best mom you can be. You are "supermom" for meeting the needs of your baby/children. Because you know what?

Meeting the needs of your baby is the most important thing right now, and that is what moms are called to. To lay down our plans and serve our children. Because that's what Jesus did- served. It doesn't really matter what your baby wears, because they could have a blow-out diaper at any moment. (Before Norah was born, I naively thought that blow-outs only happened to people who didn't change their baby's diaper enough. Boy, was that ever wrong.) It doesn't really matter what's for dinner, as long as your family is getting fed (as long as it's not cake and ice cream every night). It doesn't really matter if there are crumbs on the kitchen floor if the baby needs to be fed now. It doesn't really matter if the bed doesn't get made because your kids need some extra snuggles in it.

One thing that's been an adjustment to being a mom is balancing what I think needs to get done in a day and what Norah thinks needs to get done in a day. I am learning to surrender my ideas and try to embrace what Norah needs. The other things will get done in time. And if they don't, oh well. (That's hard to say sometimes, but totally worth it since Norah's needs, and serving my husband, are my biggest and most blessed priority now.)

And in doing that, I think that makes me a "supermom."


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