Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Norah's newborn photos.

So, this is definitely one of my favorite posts ever. I would like to share some of Norah's newborn photos, so behold...my favorites!

(We used Jill Austin, from Jill Austin Photography, and she did an absolutely fabulous job. She is my mother-in-law's cousin, which is how we got connected to her. She did a beautiful job, was timely/good at communicating, and was a joy to work with/very friendly. Also, nobody paid me to say that, it's just my opinion- I would recommend!)

While sometimes being a mom can be really hard, it's also the best thing ever and so rewarding. We had gender night last night (where our small group meets just as women and just as men- we would HIGHLY recommend all small groups do that on occasion- it's amazingly refreshing and so good and healthy to meet with your own gender), and I left feeling so uplifted after talking to other new moms. Community is a beautiful thing.

Also, when I am clicking on labels to include for this post, the label "family" has a whole new meaning now! Kley and I have always been a family since we got married, but I always considered "family" to be our families we grew up in. It's still surreal to me sometimes that we are now a family of three.


  1. Kelsey! This post makes me so happy. Congratulations again-she's BEAUTIFUL! Love and miss you guys :)


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