Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Moving in!

This last weekend was a huge one for us! Thursday we moved all the stuff we will need for the next month to my parent's house, and finished packing up our apartment. Friday the movers came and loaded everything up from our apartment, and we cleaned and turned in our keys! Saturday we were in OC unloading the van and unpacking everything into our new house! It was a big weekend, but glad to have been able to accomplish a lot. We are so grateful for both of our families, who spent the entire time helping us. Although it is far from finished, I am glad we got everything into our house and some furniture assembled/some things unpacked. 

These are kind of the "middle" pictures. Here are pictures of the "beginning" when we were painting and what it looked like before it was finished. I'm most excited to post the after pictures in a bit when everything is set up!

Here is our house- can't believe we are homeowners!

Thankfully the kitchen was redone not that long ago, and done in neutral colors with new appliances, so we didn't change much in the kitchen at all.

Master bedroom- painted and new carpet.

Norah's nursery- painted and new carpet.

Newly painted front door.

Living room- painted walls and fireplace and new fan.

Guest bathroom- new tub, toilet, sink, and flooring.

Guest room- painted.

Basement- Kley's "man cave" room. He is super pumped.

My sweet siblings!

Grandparents stopped to visit.

My sister Kayla holding Norah.

It was a long and overwhelming weekend, but I am so glad for the things we got done and for our bright future ahead!


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