Monday, November 24, 2014

Norah- One Month.

Norah was one month yesterday! In one sense it feels like she just arrived yesterday, and in another sense it feels like we have never not had her. How do you even describe the first month? 

First off, Norah has been the biggest blessing. We are so honored to be her parents and so grateful that God is allowing us to raise her. Parenting is definitely hard at times, but it's so rewarding. It's amazing to look at her and think that she was created by Him inside me and to see parts of both Kley and I in her. 

Norah eats like a champ. She eats about every 2.5 hours, and thankfully breastfeeding has not been a challenge like it is for some others. I am very grateful for that. She likes to pass gas loudly and fills her pants often. She likes to trick us and pee/poop while being changed or very soon after in her clean diaper. She has been grabbing onto things more often and more tightly lately. She has grown a lot in making eye contact and likes to check out whoever is holding her. She absolutely loves bath time and would probably stay in the water until she was a total prune if we'd let her. She enjoys listening to noises like fans, hair dryers, clothes dryer, etc. She likes riding in her car seat and sleeps in the car almost every time. She loves being warm and sitting in front of the fireplace or space heater, but also really loves to kick her feet and move her arms while just wearing a onsie or diaper. She definitely does not like being swaddled and sleeps with her arms up, and often with her mouth open. She enjoys taking her medicine (like her daily vitamin D supplement) and makes lots of lip smacking noises while taking it. She has been on a few stroller rides and liked those, but unfortunately it's getting colder. Sometimes she likes the baby carrier and other times not. She usually does not like the pacifier and will only take it occasionally- she usually just spits it out or gags. She has not yet shown any interest in books, toys, or tummy time, but I've tried! She also loves grunting and grunting often. She loves being a night owl and we are trying to get into a bedtime routine. (We have a routine of bath, lotion, pajamas, feeding, song/prayer, and laying down with lullabies- but Norah isn't quite having it yet.) She often fusses/cries when we lay her down and takes awhile to calm down and fall asleep. She loves to sleep in people's arms, and usually wakes up when she's put down, even if she's in a deep sleep. We took her first trip to Orange City last weekend! It was great for her to see our new house and see more family, but it definitely threw all the progress we were making with her sleeping out the window! Oh well. She has also had lots of baby acne in the last two weeks, but is still as beautiful as can be and still has a head of hair. 

Norah, we love you so! Happy one month!


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