Thursday, September 11, 2014

Third Trimester weeks 31-34.

I feel like I have changed a lot in the last few weeks! I can definitely tell that I am getting much bigger. My stomach seems to be sticking farther and farther out each day. Baby is coming and we are so excited! I am 34 weeks, so it's getting so close it feels!

I feel pretty good about my internal "get ready for baby" list. We have everything moved out of my parents house into our new house in Orange City (except for baby stuff that we will need/use), and we have also taken several loads up from our apartment. We have everything purchased that we will need for baby, so now all that's left is to set it all up. I can't believe it!

I don't want to list all my pregnancy symptoms because I don't want to sound like a huge complainer, but I have definitely been more uncomfortable in the last couple weeks, with backaches/pressure on my ribcage, which has made me not sleep the best. I also had a bad cold last week, which didn't help. All in all, I am grateful to have had a pretty easy pregnancy and that everything is healthy and going well! 

I also am finishing up things at work (which could be a whole other post in itself). It will be a big couple of weeks with getting things ready for conferences and actually having them early, but I am glad that I can finish well. My last day at work will be Friday, October 10 (unless I would happen to deliver earlier than that). I feel good about having an end date. It's helpful to have an end goal and to know when I will be done, and have that time to say good-byes.

Then it's on to baby time!

31 weeks

32 weeks

33 weeks

34 weeks


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