Saturday, September 27, 2014

The little things.

As I talked about last time, I think patience will be a difficult lesson for be in these next few weeks as we wait for baby to make his/her arrival. Being a very planned person, it's so unbelievably strange to have no idea what the birth experience will be like or when it will happen. I'm excited to find out, but also very anxious.

This is an awesome Saturday morning- we slept in, made a nice breakfast, and got to relax together. I am trying to enjoy it, but am fighting thoughts about wondering when this baby will come, wishing it would come soon, wanting to be done with conferences next week/work in general, etc. Oh, the battles of the mind...

So, to try to take my mind off of the big things, here is a list of the little things I am thankful for this week. Because sometimes the little things are actually the biggest...

1. Making cookies.
2. Seeing my family.
3. Kids at school gently touching my belly.
4. Kids at school asking everyday when the baby will come (for some reason, that endless question never gets old).
5. Carrying a healthy baby (although that is actually a really big deal, and we are so thankful).
6. Feeling the baby move.
7. Sleeping better than I have been recently.
8. Really perfect grapes (only my dad truly understands this love).
9. Receiving a check in the mail for $20.08 from our insurance company, because apparently they made a mistake and we paid too much.
10. Our nursery furniture shipment arriving.
11. Sleeping in.
12. Installing our car seat and setting up baby swings.
13. Kley giving me really excellent foot rubs this week for my swollen feet (and he even painted my toenails, and actually did a really good job!).
14. Being prepared for conferences (now just getting through next week and meeting with the parents).
15. Having only two weeks of work left.
16. Planning a special day to celebrate my last day in two weeks together.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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