Saturday, September 20, 2014

Apple picking that ended up at Hickory Park.

This morning we went to Center Grove Orchard with some friends from church to go apple picking. We debated about going at all because it was supposed to rain, but we decided to try. I was excited to go because I had heard from numerous people how awesome this orchard is. Unfortunately, when we got there, they told us the apples weren't ready for picking so we couldn't go. Oops. So we were there for about 15 minutes looking through the gift/treat shop. (I hope to go back again and experience the real thing!)

We were going to go to another orchard that was close by to pick apples, but then decided not because it was raining. So, we decided to go to Hickory Park for lunch. Even though it wasn't apple picking, I have heard many good things about Hickory Park, so I was excited to try something new. I have heard from so many people that if you are in Ames, you have to go to Hickory Park. I know of people from Des Moines who make special trips to Ames just to go, so I guess I had high expectations.

It was good, but I was a tad disappointed. The food was good, but it didn't blow me away. I also may have been tainted by the fact that we had to wait a long time to get seated. The prices were much more reasonable than I thought they would be though, which was a nice surprise. Next time, I definitely want to get ice cream. They had a huge dessert menu, but by the end of the meal, Kley and I were pretty full/ready to go because he had to be at church later.

Overall, even though our plans changed, it was a fun outing, and always nice to see our friends!


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