Saturday, September 13, 2014

The first (unplanned) visit.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the hospital! I was sort of freaked out, but actually not as bad as I thought I would be. For the past two days, I had slight vaginal bleeding, so after I saw it a couple times (it was very faint and not a lot, thankfully, but it was bright red), I figured I should call the doctor.

I have called my doctor with several other weird symptoms before and everything was totally fine, but this time I was surprised to hear her say that I needed to go to the hospital, and preferably now (I asked if I could go after work or if I should go now). I know you are supposed to tell your doctor about any bleeding at all, but I just figured that it wouldn't be a big deal since it wasn't a lot.

Fortunately, God took (and is taking) care of us and our sweet baby, and everything is fine. We are so thankful. We wondered in the car on the way there about what it would be like to have the baby right then, and Kley was so calm and comforting. (He has always handled stressful/unexpected situations WAY better and calmer than me.) Thankfully they said that both baby and I were fine, which is such a relief. I am not dilated at all yet and my cervix has not softened, which is good because it's too early. They said random bleeding sometimes just happens, but there was nothing concerning about me or the baby that worried them. So, we got to come home and thankfully I can keep all my normal activities. They just advised me to take it easy for the weekend.

It was reassuring to be hooked up to the monitor for about half an hour, so we got to hear baby's heartbeat that entire time! (Also, it helped to ease my nerves a little bit after the nurse gave us the TV remote, so I got to watch part of The Proposal instead of staring at the wall wondering.)

Today, I am so so thankful for a healthy and growing baby. We prepared to meet him/her possibly yesterday, but glad he/she has more time to get ready to come into the world.

Hopefully we don't have any more unplanned visits!


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